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Intellectual Property Scheme

Belleweather offer unique designs with unique windows. Rapid Assembly Roofing. Re-locatable Rapid Assembly Buildings. New Intellectual Property Exchange Scheme. Licencing Schemes. Duplicate Production Tools for Export Markets. This website is currently under review for 2016

Belvedere corner view garden building
Above: Upgraded Belvedere
2.4m x 2.4m garden building

  Belvedere garden building by Belleweather Garden Buildings
Above: New for 2016  Belvedere
3m x 3m garden building

Bower garden building by Belleweather
Above: The Bower, re-tooled in 2016 for easier assembly
Now has double door and new roof
  A Belleweather garden roof
Above: Finely detailed,
hand-crafted roof panels

New scheme for exploitation of intellectual property rights


About Belleweather copyright windows, solid 3-dimensional glazing bars


COPYRIGHT roof, window and building designs by Jonathan Spragg.  Full manufacturing licences for the building designs and the all important windows, roofs and components are offered for overseas markets.